Valtra has revealed the final design of their heads up display (HUD) SmartGlass at the 2019 Agritechnica Show.

Positioned in the centre of the tractor’s front windscreen, Valtra SmartGlass is based on transparent display technology, laminated between two glass surfaces. This makes the solution very robust and suitable for demanding operation conditions of agricultural machinery.

Valtra first presented SmartGlass already at Agritechnica 2017. “After the first introduction of the concept we went into more extensive testing. Customer feedback revealed that the concept was excellent, but that the layout of the HUD needed improving”, comments Product Manager Sam Hardy. “This is why we decided to pause rollout and took the time to redesign the segments in the display to cover a larger area and to improve visibility even in bright conditions.“

SmartGlass allows the operator to see vital information about the tractor without needing to look away from the work at hand. With a strong focus on front loader work, SmartGlass can display various information from the factory-fitted Valtra loader such as tipping angle or load weight; or basic tractor information such as gear, engine rpm or driving speed. The operator is able to choose what is visible on the heads up display via the SmartTouch 9” touchscreen terminal.

Valtra SmartGlass is available as an option provided via the Unlimited studio. After Agritechnica Valtra will release 20 pilot units to selected customers. Serial production is planned for later in 2020.