In line with the reports of GPS thefts increasing, Vantage ASC have seen it first-hand with the number of customers purchasing equipment linked with insurance claims. Due to their frustration and concerns with the risk, Vantage ASC have proactively looked (and continue to) into solutions which can deter theft. Replacing stolen equipment is not good business, their priority is retaining technology on farms and protecting customers assets.

To date they have the following solutions categorised under the security package:

    • Receiver Tracking – New as of February, this is a service provided to customers which costs £252. This includes the reconfiguring of the receiver, activation and 2 years monitoring by Vantage ASC. Should a theft take place, the customer notifies them, and ASC access the equipment’s location. How does it work:
      • New receivers – the customer can add the option to their purchase, and ASC will complete the activation before the receiver leaves their premises, there is nothing more for them to do for two years.
      • Existing receivers – the customer can ship the receiver back to ASC premises, they will then reconfigure and activate the receiver before shipping it back out to them for installation back on the machine. Again, nothing to do for two years.

After two years the service will be due for renewal which will include a welfare check of the receiver, ASC will proactively contact customers four weeks in advance of the renewal date.  

    • Smartwater Forensic Marking – ASC offer a SmartWater Forensic Marking option for displays/ receivers/ ECUs which costs £70. Smartwater solution from us includes:
      • 100ml of unique marking fluid
      • Six small circular SmartTrace stickers
      • Three large rectangular SmartTrace stickers
      • Assets serial number registration to SmartWater database
      • Access to SmartWater investigation services/ representation for proof of ownership
      • Asset serial registration on Trimble worldwide database
        • New equipment – The customer chooses this option; ASC will mark all equipment at their premises and register assets before shipping/ installing on farm. Surplus stickers/ fluid is then shipped to the customer for their own use.
        • Existing equipment – Customers can request the kits from ASC, they just need to supply them with the assets and serial numbers so they can register them on the databases. The kit is then supplied, and marking can be completed as they wish.
    • Receiver Quick Release Brackets – Vantage ASC can provide brackets for Trimble receivers from £173. This allows customers to remove them from the machine without any tools. The brackets allow insertion of the receiver which is then secured with a lock back clasp making it tool free, the lock back clasp also has a hole for padlock if required. These brackets make the install/ removal of equipment much easier, making it more likely to be done on farm. 
    • Display Quick Release Brackets – ASC offer RAM Mount products which are industry known, these can be specified for numerous locations in a vehicle and allow the simple removal of equipment from machine cabs. Pricing is dependent on fixing requirement.
      • New Equipment – Trimble equipment comes with RAM Mount fixings as standard
      • Existing Equipment – Customers can contact us with their requirements.
    • Cloud Based Storage & AutoSync – Taking advantage of Trimble cloud software we can provide automated data backup of display data including field A-B lines, boundaries, farm and field names, application information and task data. To do this ASC equip the machine with a modem for WIFI (hardware £512) and then connect it to the cloud software which is £298/year for the whole platform and the connection. Sim cards for the modem can be supplied or the customer can use their preferred network.  This service ensures personalised farm data is being backed up and is available to download onto replacement displays should the worst happen, significantly reducing downtime and retaining years of hard work.

Whilst there are no official reductions in insurance premiums as yet, insurers are actively encouraging the options as it mitigates the risk.  Vantage ASC works with the main insurers and provides a full service from survey, configuration, and quotation. This can save on administration associated with claims for both the claimant and the insurer.