The Snow Solutions range covers every winter application, including clearance of snow and ice on urban and country roads, pavements, car parks and other out-of-town locations. To enhance working on snow, Bobcat also offers optional steel tracks to go over the tyres on the wheeled loaders as well as individual tyre snow chains or snow tracks.

Bobcat Snow Solution attachments 

The Bobcat snow blade, available in seven widths from 152cm to 274cm, is designed to quickly remove light or moderate snow from pavements and driveways. The moldboard on the snow blade angles right or left up to 30° and high visibility masts help locate the blade corners. Customers can choose between standard or heavy-duty options, to best suit their application.

The versatile Bobcat snow V-blade, which is available in five different widths from 

152cm to 274cm, can be used in five configurations: as a V-blade, scoop blade, straight blade and 30° left or 30° right angle blade, to help operators move snow quickly. 

The Bobcat snow pusher attachment is available in two sizes with widths of 244cm and 300cm, respectively. Designed to push snow with speed and efficiency, the flotation and oscillation of the moldboard keeps the snow pusher in contact with the ground without damaging equipment or property, allowing for snow removal even over decorative and uneven surfaces. As the snow pusher has rubber skis and an edge as standard, the operator can clear snow quickly, without damaging the ground.

The Bobcat snow blowers are top performing snow removal tools working at maximum efficiency. Bobcat snow blowers can throw snow up to 12m and have a rotating chute and deflector to point the snow in the desired direction.

There are four sizes of Bobcat angle broom attachment with widths from 132cm to 213cm, designed to sweep away light snow, dirt, dried mud and other debris quickly and efficiently. The angle broom attachment can sweep flush to a kerb or wall on the right hand side. Reversible rotation allows the operator to sweep snow away from garage doors, gutters and other obstacles with ease, using the loader’s fingertip controls.

The Bobcat scraper attachment, available with disk diameters of 46cm or 56cm, is highly efficient at dislodging packed snow and ice, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of chemicals or salt, leaving behind a smooth surface for walking or travelling along. 

Large capacity buckets, with widths from 168cm to 254cm and capacities from 690 litres to 1530 litres, are also available for handling snow. They have high backs to help with pushing snow and straight sides to penetrate snow piles.  

All Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loaders are equipped with the proprietary Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system, facilitating the quick and safe interchange of over 80 different families of Bobcat attachment including the Snow Solutions products.