Vicon’s widest working butterfly mower conditioner, the 7100T, is now available for the 2021 grass season in BX specification with a belt-type swath grouper.

Choosing the BX version means that when used in combination with a Vicon Extra 732FT front-mounted mower conditioner, the triple mower’s 10.2m maximum working width can be placed into a large single swath using each rear unit’s BX swath grouper to place the two outer swaths onto the central row.

Raising the BX units out of work allows three individual swaths to be left – or these can be spread out across the full working width using the 7100T’s integral wide spreading hoods.

Added versatility comes from the adoption of quick-release couplers for frame latching and multi-coupler for hydraulic and ISOBUS connections, enabling the BX swath groupers to be easily removed when not required. BX units can be removed and refitted in around 20-30 minutes, and is a process made easier with the use of four large plastic wheels on each BX unit. With ISOBUS capability, the system recognises when the BX swath groupers are connected, automatically bringing them into play on the ISOBUS terminal.

The Vicon 7100T features three-bladed discs with quick-change blades, a semi-swing steel tine conditioner adjustable through five levels of intensity, and Quattro-Link suspension with adjustable ground pressure.

With load-sensing hydraulics and ISOBUS control, the Vicon 7100T BX is priced from £69,883.