In cooperation with MDM, Vredo Dodewaard has equipped its VT4556 chassis with a Lime spreader body. This complements the already existing 19.500 litre slurry tank / 20T Tebbe solid spreader / 17.000 litre Vinasse sprayer or Umbilical body. With this new development the Vredo VT4556 can be offered in 4 different configurations, this makes it an even more versatile machine.

The Vredo VT4556 is designed for optimum weight distribution and low ground compaction. For this reason it is equipped with 4x Michelin 1050/50R32 tyres. The steered front and rear axles make the machine very manoeuvrable and makes it possible to operate in crab steer. The crab steering allows the machine to travel with each wheel in its own track making for minimal ground compaction.

By combining a 450hp engine with step less transmission, optimum wheelbase, front axle suspension and cab suspension, the VT4556 has an unsurpassed level of operating comfort and capacity. After a long workday both in the field and on the road, the operator can leave their vehicle satisfied and relaxed, having enjoyed a very comfortable workplace. An important contributing factor is the very low noise level, due to the engine being positioned away from the cab.

The cab is attached to the very front of the machine so that any tank construction, solid spreader, tank-trailer, Vinasse or lime spreader can be positioned for optimal weight distribution.

Technical specs lime spreader to be fitted on the Vredo VT4556 chassis:

MDM lime spreader

  • Sheet metal 3mm thick, 45° sides, with lateral reinforcements, design capacity14,5m³
  • Vertical front and rear walls
  • 4mm thick Stainless-steel sheet bottom
  • Anti-settling cap adjustable in height
  • Moving stainless steel chain floor driven by hydraulic motor and planetary
  • Waterproof metal cover
  • Dynamic weight system
  • Hydraulic driven augers, width 14m