Yamaha ATVs are now available with class leading tracking devices supplied by partner and vehicle security specialist Datatool. The Datatool Stealth S5 device will be supplied free of charge with new ATV models to offer farmers safety, security and peace of mind.

The technology is connected to satellites so the devices can be tracked throughout the UK, mainland Europe and beyond. The vehicle position is recorded every 15 seconds and data is uploaded to the cloud every two minutes, providing a permanent record of every journey. To protect the ATV, the device creates an ‘invisible geo-fence’ which if broken sends a message to a 24/7 operation centre who inform the owner and can inform the police if a theft is in progress.

Yamaha ATV Manager, William Kay has welcomed the new addition to the range saying: “Farmers often work alone and are vulnerable to thieves attacking them for high value machinery such as ATVs. Whilst theft is a big issue, this technology also works to inform farm managers in the event that one of their workers has an accident to make sure assistance reaches them as soon as possible in an emergency.”

Research carried out by the NFU shows thefts of high value machinery from farms is rapidly increasing. The increase between 2017 and 2018 was 12% and predictions suggest this is likely to have risen again in 2019. The NFU offers guidance to farmers including fitting a tracking device. Therefore, if the Stealth S5 is fitted to an ATV, Datatool has an agreement with the NFU that a 12.5% discount on insurance will be offered.

The Stealth S5 is approved by Thatcham and has been rigorously tested to operate as an effective deterrent and recovery device for ATVs. It retails at £249 plus VAT. However, Yamaha is to offer the device free of charge, so farmers only have to pay £99 dealer installation and a monthly fee of £9.95 to retain the services of the 24/7 operation centre. Mr Kay adds: “Technology is forever evolving and devices such as the S5 are crucial to reducing ATV theft, protecting farmers and offering peace of mind to owners. We hope that everyone buying a new Yamaha ATV will adopt this technology and make the most of its features and benefits.”